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Members of the General public are welcome to contact the Lincolnshire Film Archive with enquiries. Viewings can be arranged for anyone, by appointment, with a bona fide interest in the subject matter. In the first instance, viewing will generally be on video.

We are sorry, but for copyright and other legal reasons, we cannot supply copies of individual items in the Archive to members of the public. This includes loaning, hire and sale.

LFA also puts on a large number of filmshows in the Lincolnshire area, principally for local organisations. At these, actual 16mm film is projected onto a screen. The length and content of shows can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation concerned. (Details on request.) However, titles can only be included in a show if a show-print is available.

Please download and view our 'show leaflet' for information about our film shows.

Master material, generally on Beta SP videotape, can be made available for television use. Time-coded VHS viewing copies can also be supplied to potential professional users. Full technical details of any item, together with current facility charges and royalty rates are available.

N.B.: A very few items (usually personal footage of people still living) are subject to certain editorial restrictions as to their use.

In most cases, LFA either holds the copyright or can licence professional users. In a very few cases, however, LFA would refer users to the copyright owner direct.

On request, LFA will produce, in house, customised video compilations of selected material for showing at exhibitions, or for other specialised uses such as reminiscence therapy, etc.

To find out more about any of the above please contact us:

Tel - 01205 750055 (Overseas +44 1205 750055)
Lincolnshire Film Archive

Or write to:
Lincolnshire Film Archive
P.O. Box 140
PE22 0ZP


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