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Titles below are listed alphabetically by place names. Click on the accession number to be taken to the full description.


Spalding Roman Catholic Procession
  Farrows Promotional Film
  Palmer Reserve Collection
  Spalding in 1927
  Ansty's Acrobatic Antics
  Boys Brigade, Misc Parades
  Spalding Market Day
  Boys Brigade Drumhead Service
  Garden Party, Cley Hall, 1933
Garden Party, Cley Hall, 1934
  Mrs Burn's Birthday Party
  Opening of Classrooms, Congreg Ch
  London Missionary Soc Gdn Party
  Spalding Railway Station
  Flowers of the Fens (White Nursrs)
Empire Youth Day (?)
Garden Party (Boys Brigade)
  Jubilee Celebrations
  Home Guard Dismiss
  Home Guard Stand Down Parade
  War Savings Parade
  Parade (Spalding Market Place)
  V.E. Parade
  Children's Fancy Dress Party
  Winter Snow
  Spalding Flower Parades 1959-79
  Welland Yacht Club
  First Tulip Parade
  Confirmation Service (BBC TV)
  Journey Through Spalding Along River
  Time and Talents
  Help! (Fiction Film)
  SS Gledian (Gleed Sch Tulip Float)
  Cine Club Recruiting Film
  The Story of Springfields
  Th Fishermen of England (Fiction)
  Gleed School Carpentry Class
  Spalding Scenes, 1965
  Springtime at Springfields
  Spalding in Springtime (2 versions)
  Mess (Pollution Study)
  Clubs Are Trumps
  Turkish Ambassador at Springfields
  Spalding Flower Parade
  Visit by Duke of Edinburgh
  Tulip Fiesta
  Not A Hundred Miles From Wembley
  Spalding Flower Parade 1981
  PE in the Junior School
  PE in the Infant School
  Spalding Nature Reserve
  Open Air Swimming Bath
  Spalding Flower Parades 1976-90
  Bee Keeping 1964

Tulip Time 1952c

  Opening of Coronation Channel
Tulip Parades & Springfields 1966-67
Wedding at Parish Church
Spalding Tulip Parade 1979 743
  Our Decimal Coinage 1970 765
  Spalding Tulip Parade 1982 791
  Locked Up 1963 792
  Haec Olim Meminisse Juvabit 1971 793
  Medieval Siege Artillery 1965 794
  Counterstrike 1970 795
  Double Take 1975 796
  School Press 1970 797
  Saloon Car Gymkhana 1976 827
  Spalding Tulip Parade 1960 829
Spalding & District Water in Our Lives
  Spring Harvest
  The Leverton Pea Cutter
  River Welland Faunistic Survey
  Inspection Day: Welland & Nene Auth.
Spalding Area, Crowland Lowland Bulb Festival
  Fishing Match 1957c
Spalding District South Holland Tulip Fields
Spalding, Surfleet, Cowbit Winter Floods
Spalding, Windward Islands Mr John's Green Gold 1976 766
Spilsby & District Events, Peacetime
  Miss Cochrane, Reserve Collection
  Events, Early Wartime
  Events, Wartime
Spilsby Spilsby Carnival 1981 801
  We Build a House 1950 803
  Spilsby Show & Beauty Parade 1949c 805
  Spilsby Show 1952 812
Spilsby (Hundleby) Civil Defence Exercise
  Grace Swan Memorial Hospital
Spilsby/Horncastle area Snow Scenes 1952c 816
Spondon (Derbyshire) Game Keeper Ted 1967 786
Stamford Stamford Scenes
Stamford Darby & Joan Club
  Visit of Princess Royal
  New Zealand Day
  Fair at Stamford
  Opening of Stamford Museum
  Malcolm Sargent visits Industrial Exhbn
Medieval Kiln excavated
  Stamford Events 1966-7
  Mayor Making 1934c
  Infirmary Carnival 1939
  Infirmary Carnival 1950
Loved River 1938+
Childrens Dancing Display 1935
Dancing Class Display 1937
Priory School Sports Day 1937/8/9
Skating on Burghley Lake 1939/40
High School Swimming Sports 1949
Slingsby Grasshopper Glider 1953
Stamford School Sports 1960
Boxing Day Meet c1958
Traffic Congestion 1961
Visit by Queen Elizabeth II 1961
Stamford School Swimming & OTC
Skating on Burghley Lake c1932
Fishing Days c1932
Stamford etc. This England 1939
Stamford Area Controlling Fish Stocks
Stamford ? Gymkhana
Stoke Rochford To Whom It May Concern
Belvoir Hunt, 1948
Strubby, North Sea North Sea Gas Platform 699
Swimming at Surfleet Res
Swimming at Surfleet Res
  Surfleet in the Thirties
  Farming at Surfleet
  Mothers Union Meeting
  Surfleet Water Sports
  Farming Scenes at Surfleet
  Scenes at Surfleet Res
  WVS Civil Defence Cooker
Sutton Bridge Trains at Sutton Bridge
  Garner's Mill
  Sutton Bridge Infants School
  River Nene Frozen
  Sutton Bridge Research Station (PMB)
  Forgotten Line
Presenting the Potato 1959
Sutton On Sea Civic Opening of Gardens
  Grimsby Ch of Trade Outing
Beach Scenes 1935
  At Our Holiday House 1950s 771
  East Coast Floods 1953 769
Sutton On Sea, Holbeach Marsh The Great Gale (Extract)
Sutton, Mablethorpe Beach Scenes
  Sutton on Sea Storm Damage
  East Coast Flood Damage
Swinderby Flying Control-Line Model Aircraft
Tattershall Opening Tattershall Air Museum
Tealby Conservative Rally
Memories of 1976
  Royal Jubilee Celebrations
The Fens Wildfowl 664
The Wash Down Below
  Cockle Fishing
  Shrimp Boats 677
The Wash, Boston Down Below
Trusville Trusville Holiday Camp
Unknown Tank Exercises
  Fifteen Days (Final T.A. Camp)
  Musical Ride & Parachutists
  Lifesaving Exercise
  Cycle Race
  Short Wave Radio
  Church Fabric Decaying
  Sky Divers
  Walking Dragline 1940s
  RB Digger & Loader 1964/69
  Fairground at Night 738
  Reaper/Binder at Work 1978 798
  Reaper/Binder 1952 813
  Steam Ploughing 1952c 815
Unknown (? Old Bolingbroke) Water Diviner at Work
Various Bowser Reserve Collection
  Dales Reserve Collection
  North Lincolnshire Scenes
  Horse Power
  Tennyson Country
  Windmills, Out-takes
  What Farming Is All About
  Draining the Fens
Junior Tennis Champ/Coaching
Turnill Reserve Collection 1929-69
Out & About at the Weekend 1957
Food Packaging Machinery 1957
The Good Things of Life 709
  Paving the Way, 1973c 776
  The English Windmill 1960-75 778
  Cine Ramblings 1936/7 828
Various inc Non Lincs Rose Brothers Packing Machines
Various Lincs An Unbroken Tradition
Various Non Lincs Choir Outing (Spalding Congreg Ch)
  A Chance to Meet Margaret Thatcher
Various, not all Lincs The Belvoir Hunt
Waddingham Potato & Wheat Harvesting
Waddington The Last Sortie
  The Red Arrows
Wainfleet Farming at Wainfleet
  Wainfleet Quincentenary Celebrations 1958 823
  Wainfleet & Croft Silver Jubilee Celebrations 1977 824
  Wainfleet Royal Wedding Celebrations 1981 826
Wainfleet area & Various Scupholm Reserve Collection
Wainfleet District Steeping Saddle Club 1981 825
Waltham Restoration of Waltham Mill 1979-86 780
Wansford Pheasant Shooting 1950c 768
Warcop, Otterburn T.A. Mobile Camp
Wattisham (Suffolk) RAF Strike Command 1968 785
Welton (nr Lincoln) Welton Oil Gathering Centre Opened
Welton le Wold Tom Walls Game Shooting
Weybourn? T.A. Camp
Willingham Bird Ringers
Windsor St George's Day Queen's Scout Parade 693
Winterton Winterton Horse Show 1969 818
Wisbech, etc. The Harvest Is Yours 663
Wispington Horse Ploughing Match 1975 821
Wissington Sugar From Beet 717
Woodbridge (Suffolk) & Gautby Spreaders 1978 787
Woodhall Spa Young Conservatives' Weekend School
  Woodhall Show 1967
  Woodhall Show 1966/67 750
Wrawby Rebuilding Wrawby Mill 1962-5 777
  VE Day Commemoration (50th Anniversary) 673


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