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1966 to 1974

1966c At Sea, Stern Trawler at Sea
Stamford, Scenes
Sutton Bridge, Research Station (PMB)
Sleaford Area, E.M.E.B. Engineers at Work 726
Sleaford Area, Combine Harvesters 727
  Cleethorpes Marineland Zoo 759
  River Humber, Humber Ferry 757
  Skegness, Holiday Time: Skegness 758
1966 Peakirk, Wild Wing
Peakirk, Fifteen Days (Final T.A. Camp)
Cadwell Park
Swinderby, Flying Control-Line Model Aircraft
Louth & Skegness Districts, Kennedy Memorial Test 1966
Cadwell Park, Motorcycle and Stock Car Racing
Oundle, New Lab: Welland & Nene Authority
Finningley, Air Display
1966-7 Stamford, Events
Spalding, Tulip Parade & Springfields 652
  Woodhall Spa, Woodhall Show 750
1966-8 Grimsby, North and Barents Seascapes
Barton on Humber, Building New ACC Fertiliser Plant
1966-9 Kirkstead, Bridges at Kirkstead 728
1966-70 Louth, Aim High (sound) 754
  Louth, Aim High (silent out-takes) 755
1967c Ancaster People
Gibraltor Point, Secondary School Visit
Boston, Inspection of Buoys & Beacons 659
  Louth, The Local - White Horse Inn 756
1967 Boston & District, Aerial Crop Spraying
Cadwell Park, Stock Car & Motorcycle Racing
Caythorpe, Kesteven Agricultural College
Cranwell, RAF Cranwell
Grantham, Nurses' Training
Lincoln & Various, Who Is My Neighbour?
Louth & Skegness Districts, Kennedy Memorial Test 1967
Woodhall Spa, Woodhall Show
Boston, Trades Fair 660
Lincolnshire Various, Nature in Trust 722
  Spondon (Derbyshire), Game Keeper Ted 786
1967-8 Spalding Nature Reserve
  Coleby (Nr Navenby), Coleby Rose Queen
1968-75 Cranwell, Lord Taverners Cricket Matches
1968 Cadwell Park, Motor Racing
Frithville (Nr Boston), Pea Vining
Grantham, Home-made Hovercraft
Grantham, Kesteven Fire Service
Sleaford, Sleaford Cubs
Spalding, Springtime at Springfields
Boston Carnival
Sleaford, Backing Britain
Louth & Skegness Districts, Kennedy Memorial Test 1968
Spalding & District, Inspection Day: Welland & Nene Auth.
Sleaford, Backing Britain 729
  Wattisham (Suffolk), RAF Strike Command 785
1968 c Grimsby, North Sea. The Kelvin at Sea 719
1969? Lincoln, Partick Nutgens at Lincoln
1969c Musical Ride & Parachutists
  Wisbech etc., The Harvest Is Yours 663
  Peterborough Show 819
1969 Ancaster, A Lincolnshire Farm
Coningsby, Phantoms at Coningsby
Grimsby, at Sea. Trawl Safe
Lincoln, What Do I See?
Saltersford, Kesteven Water Board
Waddington, The Last Sortie
Lincoln, Where There's Smoke
Lincoln Boat Show
Sleaford, Fire at Smeetons
Long Sutton, Strawberry Picking
Humber Estuary, Five Kilometres out into the Humber
Long Sutton, Strawberry Picking
Lincoln, Co-Op Fire 701
  Winterton Horse Show 818
1969-70 Lincoln & Various, High Wide and Downsome
1969/75 Spalding, Spalding in Springtime (2 Versions)
1960s/70s Grantham etc, Aveling Barford
  The Fens, Wildfowl 664
1970 c Belton and Belvoir
Humber, Ferry
Cranwell, Red Arrows
Waddington, The Red Arrows
  Louth, Father Christmas Arrives in Louth 761
1970-71 Grantham, Kings School
1970 Grantham, Pancake Race
Grantham, Eddisons of Grantham
Hawerby Steam Rally
Louth area, Scenes
Ruskington Fen, The Days of the Horse
Cranwell, The Queen at Cranwell
  Spalding, Our Decimal Coinage 765
  Spalding, Counterstrike 795
  Spalding, School Press 797
1970/71 Grantham, Building New Swimming Pool
1970s Boston, Looking & Drawing
  Northern Lincs, The Four Seasons 671
  River Humber, Steam on the Humber 696
  Boston area, Aerial Crop Spraying 718
  Lincolnshire (Northern), Lincolnshire Scenes 822
1970s? South Rauceby, Doe Tractor 725
1971 c Spalding, Mess (Pollution Study)
Spalding, Clubs Are Trumps
Various non-Lincs, A Chance to Meet Margaret Thatcher
1971-72 South Humberside, Various. The Changing Scene
1971 Horncastle, Mrs Thatcher visits Residential College
Lincoln, Insight
Mablethorpe, Tennyson School Sports
Lincoln & Various, For Want of a Nail
  Boston, Veteran Cycle Rally 764
  Spalding, Haec Olim Meminisse Juvabit 793
1971 c Scunthorpe, Background to Anchor
1972 c Bottesford
Dogdyke, Pumping Engine
Scunthorpe, Come On In, The Water's Lovely
Scampton, Lancaster PA474 'City of Lincoln'
Tattershall, Opening Tattershall Air Museum
Lifesaving Exercise
Cycle Race
1972 Lincoln, The Change Over
Spalding, Turkish Ambassador at Springfields
Spalding, Flower Parade
Barton on Humber, Barton Is Prilling
Louth, Louth Sportsman's Week
Lincoln & District, R.B.H.1
Lincolnshire Various, An Eye for the Country 723
1973 c Holbeach, Keep The Home Fires Burning
Humber, New Holland. Paddle Steamer
Humber, New Holland. The Crossing
Binbrook, The Red Arrows at Binbrook 665
  Various, Paving the Way 776
1973-74 Belvoir & District. The Belvoir Hunt
1973-75 Sleaford, Building the A17 Sleaford Bypass 732
1973-81 Barton on Humber, Building the Humber Bridge 704
1973 Lincoln, Beneath Your Feet
Lincoln, Barton, etc. Schools Library Service
Lowestoft, at Sea. A Man's World
Peterborough, Steam Expo
Spalding, Visit by Duke of Edinburgh
Spalding & District, Spring Harvest
Brigg, Life Source
Sleaford Pedestrian Precinct 731
1974 Boston area, Land From The Sea (Nth Sea Camp)
Hull, at Sea. Trawling Your Future
Lincs various & other. Potato's Progress
Lincs varoius & other. Potatoes Please
  Lincoln/Peterborough, Horses at Lincs & Peterborough Shows 820
  Sibsey Mill 779
1974 c Strubby, North Sea Gas Platform 699
  Skegness, Illuminations 737
  Unknown, Fairground at Night 738

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