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1956 to 1965

1956-9 Boston area, Miscellaneous Farming Scenes
Surfleet, Farming Scenes
1956 c North Somercotes, Fordson Tractor
1956 At Sea, Fish Is The Living
Heckington (East), Harvest at Heckington
Heckington (East), Steam Ploughing
Louth, Gay Nineties Dance Club
Louth, Boys Grammar School
Louth, Eastfield Road Junior School
Cranwell, RAF Cranwell Passing Out Parade
Windsor, St George's Day Queen's Scout Parade 693
1956-8 Louth, British Legion Band Parades
1957-8 Lincoln, Pelham Bridge
1957 c Grimsby & North Sea, North Sea Adventure
Peterborough Show
Holbeach St Johns, Pig Rearing
Spalding, Crowland - Fishing Match
Market Deeping, Deeping Agricultural Show
1957 Lincoln, Central Station
Scunthorpe, Local Government Exhibition
Various, Out & About at the Weekend
Various, Food Packaging Machinery
1957 c Weybourne (Norfolk), T.A. Camp
1957/66 Lincoln & Various, Excavating - The Road to Progress
1958 Carrington, Steam Engine Rally
Hull, Albert Dock
Skegness, British Legion Rally
  Wainfleet Quincentenary Celebrations 823
1958 c Stamford, Boxing Day Meet
1958/60 Surfleet, Scenes at Surfleet Res
1959 c Grimsby, Scenes at Grimsby Docks
Partney, Farming at Partney
Skegness, Funfair
Sleaford area, Farming Scenes
Unknown, Steam Rally
1959-79 Spalding, Flower Parades
1959 Bude, T.A. Camp
Holbeach St Marks, Farming
Hull, Barents & White Seas, Distant Water Trawler
Laceby, Construction of Laceby By-Pass
Spalding, Welland Yacht Club
Spalding, First Tulip Parade
Spalding Area, Crowland, Lowland Bulb Festival
Sutton Bridge, Trains
Sutton Bridge, Presenting the Potato
  Boston May Fair, Boston 763
1959/60 Scopwick, Farming Scenes
1959.. Langtoft, Sailing Club
  Gainsborough, Opening of Gladstone St. Filling Station 715
50s/60s Sibsey, Farming at Sibsey
1960-63 Mablethorpe area, Down On The Farm
Lincoln, Lincolnshire Show - YFC Floats
1960 Hull, Freedom of Hull for T.A. Regt
Scunthorpe, Freedom of Scunthorpe for T.A. Regt
Sennybridge, T.A. Mobile Camp
Sleaford, St. George's County Secondary School
Spalding, Confirmation Service (BBC TV)
Sutton Bridge, Garner's Mill
Stamford School Sports
  Chapel St Leonards 762
  Spalding Tulip Parade 829
1960c Grimsby, Guinness Commercial
Market Deeping
1960/61 Long Sutton, Sutton St James, Events
  Aswardby (Nr Spilsby), Farming at Aswardby
1960s Ancaster etc, Mansell Beard Reserve Collection
At Sea, Ross 'Genet' at Sea
Grimsby at Sea, Deckie Learner
Spalding, Journey Through Spalding Along River
Louth & District, Louth in the Sixties (part one)
Louth & District, Louth in the Sixties (part two)
Louth, Louth Photographic Society Reserve Items
Bassingham, The Blankney Hunt
The Wash, Shrimp Boats 677
1960s? Skegness area, Lincoln Red Cattle: Farm Open Day
1960s Mid 60s - Stamford area, Controlling Fish Stocks
1960-75 Various, The English Windmill 778
1961 c At Sea, Iceland? Ross 'Lion' at Sea
Stamford, Fair
Coleby (Nr Navenby), Coleby Old Folks
Mablethorpe, A Holiday to Remember
1961-64 Long Sutton, Peele School Events
1961 Grimsby, Freedom of Grimsby for T.A. Regt
Manorbier, A Sense of Urgency (T.A. Camp)
Stamford, Opening of Stamford Museum
Stamford, Malcolm Sargent visits Industrial Exhbn
Surfleet, WVS Civil Defence Cooker
Skegness, We Chose Skegness
Stoke Rochford, To Whom It May Concern
Lincoln, Procession of Floats
Langtoft, Pac-a-Punt
Letchworth, Coal Vending Machine
Stamford, Traffic Congestion
Stamford, Visit by Queen Elizabeth II
Grimsby Chelmsford Girls School 708
1961/62 Sutton Bridge, Infants School
1961 c Hull? T.A. Christmas Dinner
  Various, The Good Things of Life 709
1962-63 Selby, North Sea. The Ross 'Daring' Operation
Lincoln Scenes
1962 c Laceby, Village Show 773
1962 Lincoln, Newsreel
Spalding, Time and Talents
Spalding, Help! (Fiction Film)
Hull? T.A. Bounty Weekend
Gibraltar Point etc, Field Work - Methods of Study
1962/64 Louth, St Michael's School Sports Day
1962/66 Grimsby, Circus Parade 772
1962-65 Wrawby, Rebuilding Wrawby Mill 777
1963 c The Wash, Cockle Fishing
  Ruskington, Farming at Ruskington 767
1963 Boston, May Fair
Brandon, Farming at Brandon
Fosdyke, River Welland Frozen at Fosdyke
Grantham, Isaac Newton Exhibition
Grantham, Queen Mother Visits Grantham
Lincoln, Water Course
Louth, Carnival Newsreel
Spalding, SS Gleedian (Gleed Sch Tulip Float)
Stamford, Medieval Kiln Excavated
Sutton Bridge, River Nene Frozen
Boston, Skating on River Witham
Grimsby Twins With Bremerhaven 746
  Cleethorpes Scenes 781
  Spalding, Locked Up 792
1963-8 Alford, Swimming Pool at Alford
1963-72 Louth & Skegness Districts, Kennedy Memorial Test Newsreel
1963/64 Carrington, Farming Scenes
1964 c Spalding, Cine Club Recruiting Film
Spalding, Open Air Swimming Bath
1964-66 Spalding, The Story of Springfields
  Cadwell Park, Racing at Cadwell 748
1964/69 Unknown, RB Digger & Loader
1964 Hull, A Fanfare of Trumpets (T.A.)
Spalding, The Fishermen of England (Fiction)
Sutton Bridge etc, Forgotten Line
Warcop, Otterburn. T.A. Mobile Camp
Spalding, Bee Keeping
Gedney Drove End, Clay Pigeon Shoot 702
Holbeach Hurn, Pea Vining 703
1964 c Louth, Carnival Procession
1965 c Spalding, Gleed School Carpentry Class
Welby, Back to Steam
Carrington, Steam Engine Rally
Spalding, Scenes
Billinghay, Farming at Billinghay
Waddingham, Potato & Wheat Harvesting
Bassingham, The Blankney Hunt 625
Lincoln, The Lincolnshire Show 627
1965 Louth, Freedom of Louth for RAF Manby
Louth, Freedom of Louth for RAF Manby
Manorbier, Penally. T.A. Camp
Spalding & District, Water in Our Lives
Caistor, Girl Guides
Sleaford, Grass Track Racing
Carrington Steam Rally
Louth & Skegness Districts, Kennedy Memorial Test 1965
Little Grimsby (nr Louth), Rearing Battery Chickens
  Donington on Bain, Belmont TV Mast under Construction 782
  Louth etc, Kennedy Memorial Test 749
  Spalding, Medieval Siege Artillery 794
1965/66 Louth, RSPCA Garden Fetes 678

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